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  • Safe Lifting Tips to Remember When Putting Away the Holiday Decorations

    The holiday season is fully upon us; a time to buy and give presents, eat decadent foods, and maybe even sing a few carols by a fire. And when all of the festivities are over, it will be time to pack up the boxes and boxes of decorations and store them away once again!

    But some of those boxes may be quite heavy. And some of us may have gotten a bit out of shape over the last month of indulging in holiday treats while ignoring our time at the gym. This is a bad combination and one that can lead to back and knee injuries if we aren’t careful.

    Here are a few lifting tips to keep your spine and joints safe while putting those decorations away:

    Grab the Bottom of the Box

    A lot of muscle tweaks and strains happen when we think we have a firm handle on the box, and then it begins to slip, and we quickly readjust our grip. It’s always best to grab a box at the bottom so you can hold it more securely. 

    Bend Your Knees When Lifting

    You always want to be sure your spine is in a natural vertical position. When preparing to lift a heavy box, bending your knees will keep your spine from arching in an unnatural manner. 

    Plan Your Path

    When packing away holiday decorations, it’s not uncommon for electrical cords and other boxes to be in the way. Always take a good look and plan your path, so you don’t end up tripping over items. 

    Every year we have people come into our clinic who could have avoided getting hurt if they followed these 3 lifting tips. Stay safe this January (or whenever you put your decoration away) and grab boxes at the bottom, bend your knees to lift, and plan your path ahead of time!

    If you’ve been dealing with any back or joint pain and want to get rid of the pain once and for all in the new year, please give our office a call or stop by to schedule a personalized consultation.